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Children's Voice

Our Nursery Children tell us:
  • It’s a good place to play, there are lots of things to do.I like playing with my friends and with the slide and sand. I love the rabbit!
  • I would like a big dumper truck and a fire engine!
  • I love playdoh, painting and PE on a Wednesday. I also like the books!
  • I like nursery as the teachers are very nice and I have a lot of friends here, I like playing with my friends!
  • I like to see the animals like the rabbits that I can touch and play with.
  • I like the bouncy castle, playing with the little police car, going on the big scooter.
  • I like baking, planting, painting and story times.
  • I like playing and drawing.

Parent's Comments on their child's achievements:

  • My child is very happy here, she always goes off with a smile on her face.
  • My child has settled in well and is happy and relaxed.
  • Attending nursery helps my child to learn how to speak the English language.
  • It has been a great time for our son to take part in a variety of activities, free play, making friends as well as enjoying the outdoor area.
  • My child has developed a lot in the last 3 months. The staff are lovely & I know she is well looked after.
  • My child has become more independent and capable to look after herself.

Parent's Comments about the nursery:

  • We have been very happy and pleased with the service.
  • It’s a lovely clean environment and safe to play.
  • The nursery encourages the parents to have healthy foods for their children.
  • A safe, caring environment, preparing the children for going to school.
  • We have been very lucky to have our son attend the nursery. The whole family have been supported in some big changes for him.

Parent's Comments about the staff:

  • A team of friendly and approachable nursery teachers that take any concerns seriously.
  • The nursery teachers have always been interested in our concerns over our son's speech development and offered help and support.
  • The staff team are all supportive, helpful and look after the children well.
  • Very knowledgeable & friendly staff, can't thank them enough. My daughter loves nursery.
  • The teachers are excellent

Parent Testimonies:

After meeting the keyworker and the rest of the team that educate and attend to my son, I can’t imagine there could be anything to improve. They are the best I could have ever wished for. All the staff know my son as an individual and relate to him in his own right. He expresses himself openly and fearlessly which for my son to do is a big challenge. The nursery has been one of the most supportive environments I have encountered. The level of confidence in my son from where he started to where he is now has been worlds apart. He is more confident, happier and independent. The nursery has been really understanding of my family’s needs, making my son’s grandparents feel involved and valued. The communication is outstanding. I feel lucky that my son has been able to attend the nursery. I can’t tell you how much we value his keyworker and the whole team.........

My daughter loves going to 'school' and has come on in leaps and bounds. She is talking much better, she has started counting by herself and understands instructions much better. I strongly believe this is due to the hard work of the staff and the happy atmosphere within the nursery.