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News & Updates

Week 4
This week we had lots of messy fun play out. We had cornflakes in one tuff tray, gloop in another, pink sand in another and in our big tray we set up a washing clothes area with peg line. We put shredded paper in the ball pool and the children set up the railway line in another tuff tray. In our group times we read different stories of people who help us.

Julie put out the colours yellow, red, white and blue and put different emergency vehicles for the children to paint if they wanted to. The children painted some lovely fire engines and ambulances and some children just wanted to mix the colours up to see what would happen.
In the afternoon we had different shapes and coloured paper and glue and the fire engine and the children made some lovely fire engines.

The children decided to get the marble run out and made an amazing model and loved watching the marbles fall down it. Julie played football in the garden and the children scored lots of goals!

We had a fun fireman activity making fireman faces and then made hand prints. As it was a hot day the children had great fun with the water, filling and emptying the water tray and using the watering cans to water the playground.

Week 5
This week the children decided to make gardens using flowers and natural objects. We looked at different vehicles and the children painted some lovely car tracks and drew various vehicles of their choice. We also changed the Elmers end of the nursery into a giant roadway using masking tape to mark out road lines, crossings and parking spaces. The children learnt to stop, start, cross safely and turn corners!

The children wanted to decorate cakes this week so we gave them some icing sugar and sweets to see what they would do. The children enjoyed washing the baby clothes and hanging them on the nursery line and using the washing machine. We also explored ice with the children hiding lots of objects in water which they then turned to ice in the freezer.