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News & Updates

Week 1
This week, the Caterpillars topic was under the sea. They made lots of different sea creatures, like turtles, sharks, whales, jelly fish and made a huge display with all the creations, They also started to prepare for Father’s Day by making faces with modelling clay for a present to give their father or other special family member for Father’s Day.
The Elmer’s concentrated on healthy eating and made fruit smoothies which were greatly enjoyed by all. The children made healthy eating plates made up of their favourite health foods. Parents were asked to bring in photos of the children’s family so the children could talk about the special people in their lives.

Week 2
This week the Caterpillars were busy preparing Father’s Day cakes with icing and sprinkles and making special cards.
Our theme this week is the Light house keepers’ lunch, so we all read the story with some special props.
A light house keepers lunch sandwich station was set up with the children who chose from cheese, jam or ham on white or brown bread, cookies and cucumber.
The children explored the different textures of the sand and sea as they created their own beach scene.
The children painted the lighthouse in the story which are now on display in the nursery.
Elmer’s families brought in their child’s favourite story book to share at nursery with their friends. They really enjoyed listening to each other story books. Elmer’s also made some lovely handprint fathers day cards and special Father’s Day biscuits.

Week 3
This week we were busy preparing a stall for the Mad Hatter’s tea party. We decorated lots of Alice in Wonderland characters ready to make the rabbit hole (using the dark tent) for Alice to fall into. The children enjoyed watching the film Alice in Wonderland and having our own little Mad Hatter’s tea party. The children designed their own Mad Hatters’ hats.
On Monday, the children made some amazing lighthouse models using modelling dough. A creative sea workshop was set up on Tuesday where the children used scissors to collage their interpretation of the sea. On Wednesday the children had fun making 3D model seagulls. We looked at stripes with the children and they made their own lighthouse with paper. We also made heart people using raisins for eyelashes.
The Elmer children made a grass growing zoo and planted some more seeds in their flower beds. We played with “gingerbread play-dough” and made our own gingerbread men.
We have been piloting Tapestry this week and have had an amazing response from the parents, thank you to everyone who has commented or sent in observations on their child playing at home.