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News & Updates

It was lovely to see children back in nursery after the holidays. They had fun today playing outdoors, making bubbles in puddles, helping to make play dough and mark making at the writing table. The children watched the Spring play at the school and really enjoyed seeing their older brothers and sisters.
This term the children had lots of fun together, playing outdoors, playing with playdough and role playing with their favourite toys. For snack we made a banana milkshake in the morning and raspberry in the afternoon, they were yummy! We are also focusing on how to properly wash our hands before and after we eat, after playing outdoors and after going to the toilet.
We explored creating potions outdoors! This was huge fun for everyone. We especially enjoyed when one child made a potion that turned all the teachers into frogsā€¦rpet rpet. The children have had so much fun outdoors. They were learning to balance on stilts and learning to turn take and share at the water.
They were also making story books about doctors. Dr Harvey visited the setting and showed everyone her stethoscope. She showed the children how to keep healthy by eating healthy food, getting regular exercise and brushing our teeth twice a day.
The Children were learning about money, numbers and writing skills playing. They enjoyed making cards and envelopes to give to their parents. The children were busy learning to match shapes and colours with jigsaws, reading stories, learning to turn take in games as well as creating pictures using stampers and developing their fine motor control using scissors.
As the weather is a bit warmer we have been making use of the school adventure playground. The children love to climb and this has the perfect climbing equipment.