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News & Updates

The children had lots of fun playing together, sharing their Christmas holiday stories and resources and exploring different materials in lots of different areas of the nursery. The children were digging in the sand and learning to balance on scooters outdoors this term. They enjoyed making homemade lentil soup for snack and were learning about the letters in their names.
In construction a t-Rex was built and children were pouring and exploring the properties of water. The children were busy mark making with chalk creating pictures using hammered shapes, creating Chinese fans and looking for numbers outdoors.
The children had lots of fun in nursery with lots of different sensory tuffs like cooked pasta, shaving home and gloop. Outdoors they were playing in the sand, water, digging and chalking. Indoors they had fun playing games, completing jigsaws, writing and making Chinese lanterns for Chinese New Year. The Children had lots of fun learning to turn take and share resources, exploring some of the properties of water, making ‘snow dough’ , helping to choose snack and completing jigsaws.
The children were very busy, drawing pictures and writing their names, playing in our role-play castle, singing nursery rhymes, printing snowmen pictures,, playing sound games and lots, lots more!