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Caterpillars Autumn Term 2017

What a busy and exciting term we have had in ‘Caterpillars!’

We have enjoyed getting to know all of the new children and helping them to build relationships with new friends at nursery. We have been practicing our sharing and turn-taking skills and also talking about and expressing how we are feeling each day.

We have been focusing on learning all about autumn this term which has included the children exploring the school grounds in the search of leaves, pine cones and conkers. The children enjoyed seeing how many different colours and shaped leaves they could collect. The children have been learning about the textures and colours of autumn (red, brown, yellow and orange) and have enjoyed using these materials to create their artwork including: trees, hedgehogs, puppets and free expression art. The children have even made a cave for our Peppa Pig ‘small world’ play table!

The children have been taking part in cooking activities on Wednesdays. They have loved making hedgehog bread, fruit salad, vegetable soup, mini vegetable pizzas and multi-seeded bread too. We continue to focus on healthy eating and supporting children’s awareness of the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables to keep us healthy and to give us lots of energy.

The children have been practicing their counting skills and recognising numerals (1-5), learning about shapes in the environment (circle, triangle, square etc) and recognising the letters of their name, focussing phonics and on the sound of each letter. The children have been listening to new stories (“Little Rough” and “Fay the Frog”).

The children have enjoyed playing outside in the autumn sunshine and have been practicing using the balance bikes, balancing on stilts and playing basketball. The children have also spent time playing with balls, hula hoops and building roads and bridges using the large wooden blocks.

Elmer’s Blog Autumn 2017

All our new friends have been getting to know each other and the nursery routines.

We have been learning the hello song and our favourite days are when we sing and play our musical instruments. There is nothing better then banging our drums and tambourines before snack time!
We have made banana bread where squishing the bananas was so much fun, apple cake and vegetable sticks - yum yum!
Our autumn display is coming along- we talked about the leaves on the tree changing colour and the animals we can see. We have made squirrels and trees and next term we are going to make bats and owls.
We have learnt two new songs, wind the bobbin up, the wheels on the bus. If you know them you can practice them with us at home :-)
We are learning how to tell and show our friends if we are happy or sad.
We are also learning to share the toys, take turns and play alongside each other.