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News & Updates

Dear all

We hope you enjoyed your last week at nursery before we broke up for the summer, what busy bees we all were with our school leaver preparations and our end of term party and saying goodbye to our friends before the holiday.

Our plants are still growing well and have loved all of the rain we had over the last week. We have lots of new shoots growing from our strawberry plants. Hopefully now they will enjoy some sunshine too!

Whilst you have been on holiday we have received a visit from Battle Abbey Nursery School who want to build a new nursery building like yours. They came to look at your nursery and liked it very much and also said how they liked the big open space we have, how great your messy play areas and playground space is and how beautiful your artwork, mud kitchen and vegetable and flower gardens are.

We also had a visitor from London who was doing some research, (asking some questions), for the Government!! Mr Nigel had asked if he could visit us! How exciting! So, of course we said yes!

The Government wanted to find out why some nurseries, including St Thomas a Becket, have MORE staff for their children than the Government ratios say they have to and why some others don't. So we told our important visitor, that this is because quality of care and education is so important to us. We explained that the way we organise the nursery, small and large group activities and our amazing staff team, offers ALL our nursery children the very best opportunities to develop and learn; and gain as much confidence in themselves and with other children as they can, in their time with us.

What an exciting start to the school holidays we have had :-)