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News & Updates

Since we have come back from summer holidays we have all settled back in well. We are getting to know our friends and our teachers and they are betting to know us. Our teachers have made special drawings, called mind maps, for each of us for all of the things that interest us and use this to develop our learning experiences. Our friend, H, is very interested in spiders and their webs, some of us made some spiders and webs with H and we all practised our counting together using the spiders legs! We have made a 'my family' board and have brought in a photo of us with our families. We have asked our friends who the people are in their photos. We then made pictures of our house and drew pictures of our family members.

Other things we have been doing are bathing the babies in lots of bubbles, wrapping them up in a towel and dressing them. We have also had fun blowing bubbles through a straw and making so many that we filled a whole tub with them and making our water different colours. We have had little balls in water, left them there and watched them grow bigger each day. Lots of us have been practising our balancing skills outside on the bikes and the scooters. We have been very safety conscious and have been keen to wear our safety helmets to keep our heads from getting bumped if we fall off. Finally for now, we are very excited to be busily creating a potion table outside so hat we can make lots of different potions so that we can explore more different smells and textures.

We are all settling back into our nursery routine. For some of us who are new to nursery, we are learning how much fun nursery can be, meeting new friends and if we become tired we can lie down in the snuggle tent amongst the blankets and cushions and have a rest. We have made a family and home board - we brought in photos of our families and have put them on the wall and have been telling each other who is in the photos.
This week, we picked some of the herb, Rosemary, from our garden and added it to our playdoh. It was an unusual smell and quite strong but we all liked it ad pretended to make cakes and bread with it. We explored what 'cornflour' is which has a different feel to the flour we use when we make cakes. The cornflour was soft and silky but when we added water it became sticky and lumpy at first and kept changing when we added more water, we moved it around with a stick.
We also put some orbi balls in our water tray and watched them expand over a week. We have loved feeling all these different textures.