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News & Updates

Elmers have enjoyed their return to nursery after the half term break and we are now making the most of the last few weeks until the summer holidays.

We have enjoyed learning about making healthy salads and have talked about the fruit and vegetables that taste particularly yummy at this time of the year. In the next week we will be learning to make healthy sandwiches, wraps and rolls.

We are learning the song ‘Tommy Thumb’ – as well as it being a very jolly song to sing, it helps us with our mark making, counting and learning basic alliteration and rhyming.’

We continue to practise our ‘Sticks up High’ song where we tap out a rhythm and dance with our ‘sticks up high and sticks down low’!

The older children who will be moving up in September to Caterpillars continue to join up with the Caterpillar end for small amounts of time to help them prepare for the transition. This is a very exciting time of year.

We are celebrating the season of summer – we have been painting pictures of the beach using sand and cutting the sea and sun. Soon we will make beach hut pictures using lolly pop sticks. Our favourite activity recently has been making lolly pop puppets.

In the outside area we have been learning to throw balls through hula hoops – this is great fun. It helps with turn taking and physical exercise.

We are developing the outside area and we will be painting our own paper weights to use on the outside mark making table. If you have a lovely (small) stone in your garden that we could decorate please can you bring one in. Thank you so much.