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For the past few weeks we have been focusing on ‘Going on a bear hunt’ and ‘the gingerbread man’. First we read the books with the children so they were familiar with the story and characters.

The bear hunt story is an amazing, language enriched story that involves the characters to go through shinny long grass, sticky mud, splosh through rivers, stumble through forests, getting very cold going through a snowstorm and finally getting to a dark gloomy cave with a bear hiding in it. The children find this story so much fun.

The gingerbread man is about a family who bake a gingerbread man and he runs off before they can eat him. He encounters various animals on his escape and has the repeated refrain “Run, run as fast as you can you cant catch me I’m the gingerbread man’ which the children love to say during the story.

We made gingerbread men for a display board and made gingerbread biscuits to take home.

We made a big collage of the bear hunt which then sparked the children’s interest in weather. We made snow and put dinosaurs, letters and sparkles in ice. We made our fingers warm and then put them onto the ice to see if it would melt it. But what it ended up doing instead, was making us very cold!

We explored sounds of musical instruments, making sounds like rain and thunder. The plastic shakers and the drums were the best at making those sounds.

This lead on to the children making a weather chart which we now do everyday. Last week we had some sunshine, some wind and lots of rain.