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We hope you all had a very happy Christmas and New Year break with your children. We had a busy last few weeks of term leading up to the Christmas Holidays with lots of exciting activities that brought together traditions from different countries and reflected the diverse background of our nursery children. The children visited the school to watch the Reception Children's nativity play (and saw their old friends there!). They wrapped up the presents they had worked so hard to make for their friends and families using sticky tape, which was very tricky. We hope you liked your presents. The children had a Christmas party and also a visit from Father Christmas and his elves! The children also had a puppet show, sang Christmas songs with actions and learned the traditional party games - musical chairs, musical statues and musical bumps!

As the weather drew colder we talked of snow and ice and were lucky enough one day to watch the snow falling and then go outside a make a real snowman which was very exciting indeed! Inside the nursery we could see the snowflakes on the windows and everywhere looked like a magical ice kingdom. Inside our snow castle nursery we experimented with ice moulds and learnt how the set the creatures free that were frozen in the ice, by melting the ice with salt and warm water.

Celebrating the feast of Mikolaj
To celebrate the Polish community within our nursery we marked the feast of Mikolaj last week and the children were visited by a surprise guest.
The children were gathered together and were told that there was going to be an exciting visitor coming to the nursery that morning. They were then told about the feast of Mikolaj, which is a Polish tradition where, just like Father Christmas, Mikolaj visits the homes of children in the night and leaves a small gift, not in their stockings, but instead in their shoes.
After being told about this tradition the children took off their shoes and ‘went to sleep’. Whilst they lay sleeping Mikolaj and two helper elves quietly crept in and placed a small gift in each shoe. When the children woke up they were very excited to see Mikolaj and his elves and even more excited to find gifts in their shoe.
To show their thanks for the gifts the children sang ‘Jingle Bells’ to their festive visitors. To add to the excitement the Elves then sang a traditional polish carol ‘Przybiezeli do Betlejem pasterze ‘(Shepherds came to Bethlehem). To end the visit the children danced along to Christmas tunes with Mikolaj and the Elves, before they had to leave.