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News & Updates

This week in Caterpillars we have been looking at numbers through lots of different games and activities.

We have been busy with our healthy eating cooking activities making vegetable soup, salad and fruit skewers. The children have been preparing the fruit and vegetables, washing, peeling and cutting the produce. We have looked at the fruit and vegetables when they are whole and when we have cut them, inspecting what we have found inside!

Our role play area has been a green grocers shop, we have been buying and selling lots of items that are good for us to eat and help to keep our bodies healthy.

The children have continued their number work in their role play and whilst developing their cooking skills and knowledge about fresh produce. They have been matching fruit and vegetables with the required number of ingredients and water for the soup. Learning to cook also helps the children to follow simple instructions, and they have a delicious and nutritious snack at the end of it!

We have been learning to care for others and ourselves in other ways by washing babies, keeping clean, learning new songs and dances about healthy eating and how exercise is good for us.

A reminder from your children's key-workers to please bring in water bottles!

This week in Elmers we have been learning about ourselves and thinking about what we look like. We have painted our portraits, looking in the mirror. We've talked about how many eyes, ears, lips and noses we have, what colour our hair is and what shape our face is.

W e have also been practising our cutting skills which was great fun and quite messy!

We' looking at bugs, leaves and stones through a magnifying glass. Next week we are adding sticks!

We have enjoyed counting from 1 to 5 and using stencils to learn how to write the number shapes.

We are still having lots of fun with the mud kitchen, we have a new microwave that pings when you open the door!

Next week we are looking forwards to learning about healthy eating and will be making a delicious fruit salad and soup.