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News & Updates

We had a wonderful time making preparations for Christmas. We made a decoration for our Christmas trees at home, a Christmas card and calendar. We were very excited to be able to go ans see Father Christmas at the school Christmas fair. He reminded us to be good and kind all through this special time of year.

We learnt how to make salt dough and them we cut out the shape using Christmas cutters. We then painted them with extra special shiny paint and put glitter over them. To make the calendars we painted our hands – the paint was cold and it made us laugh when we put it on with the brush because it tickled! We had lots of fun making our gifts for home and hope you liked them very much.

We all enjoyed our end of term party before our holidays. We all played lots of party games including musical chairs and musical statutes. Then we all sat down together for scrumptious party food. The party end with a very special puppet show which made us all laugh.

As well as all of the Christmas preparations we were still learning and developing. We had numbered ducks in our water play to help us with counting up to 5 and number recognition. To help us with being able to count numbers consecutively Lisa made us puppets for the songs ‘Two little birds’ ‘5 speckled frogs’ and ‘5 sizzling sausages’. She even made us baby shark and family!!

Our outside play has been enhanced with the introduction of a mini trampoline and we continue to enjoy lots of bouncing and learning how to take turns on it – this really helps us learn how to share the nursery resources.
As we grow bigger and stronger we are looking for more adventures outside and cannot wait until the new term when we will be able to set up outside activities that help us to balance and bend – just like being at the park.

We have also been starting to learn how to put on our own coats – hood on first then onto the arms. It is great when we learn how to do this by ourselves and we want our grown ups to help us with this. It is lots of fun becoming more independent and being able to do things for ourselves.

We took a small group of children over to watch the nativity play performed by the reception children. The nursery children really enjoyed this experience.
Cecilia read the story of the gingerbread man, the children really loved listening to this story and joining in with the rhyming ‘ run, run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I'm the gingerbread man’. The children have also joined Cecilia in planting tulip bulbs ready for spring.