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News & Updates

Last week caterpillars experimented with ice block play. Small toys (mini beasts, teddy bears, play people and sea creatures) were frozen in small ice blocks.

We talked about how we could melt the ice to get our toys out. The children enjoyed experimenting with using using various equipment which included a choice of using warm water, cold water, salt and using plastic craft tools.

The children enjoyed talking about how the ice felt (wet, cold, heavy, slimy, slippery, smooth etc) as they experimented how to make their ice block melt. After much experimenting it was decided that sprinkling salt on their block helped the ice melt quicker.

We also made igloos and created snow pictures.

This last week Elmer’s have been making penguins, Christmas puddings cooking Christmas cookies and decorating them. We made Christmas wreaths and finished our Advent wreath display with all the candles that will be lit coming up to Christmas.

We also wrote to Father Christmas in the North Pole and asked him what we would like for Christmas.

Next week we will be preparing for our Christmas Party and getting ready for a visit from Father Christmas