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News & Updates


We have been enjoying our growing topic in conjunction with The Hungry Caterpillar story which we have been using props for. We made beautiful butterflies, mixing the colours blue and yellow to make green. We are looking at mini beasts; making bees, ladybirds, spiders etc.

We are practising our counting by clapping, counting spots on our ladybirds and spiders legs!

We have planted some potatoes! Our tulips have flowered and all of our plants grew over the Easter Holiday, especially the strawberry plants that we have so many of that we potted them up, took some home, sold some and put the profits to buying more vegetable and flower seeds to plant! We are learning about growing and business at the same time!

We have planted a herb garden and are going to plant some tomatoes, courgettes, carrots, peas and cucumbers which we can't wait to harvest and eat later in our cooking activities. We have enjoyed the recent sunshine, as well as jumping in the rain puddles to make lots of splashes. Please can our families remember to put a good layer of sun-cream on us on the warm days.

We have been teeth-tastic the last few weeks! We have been learning fun new songs, all about how we should wash our teeth and why we need to clear our teeth twice a day. We even have a giant set of teeth to practice brushing. We use special 'toothpaste' and take turns to brush the teeth clean. We have been reading a Peppa Pig story all about going to the dentist and the princess who lost a tooth.

Thank you to all of those of you who have brought in wellies for your children to wear on our daily ' Welly Walks'. Soon the weather will be good enough that we will all be able to go on our walks without wellies!! For those of the Elmer children who will be going up to Caterpillars in September, we are focusing on games and activities to help them with name recognition (children's own), shapes and numbers from 1-5.

With all the children we are working on their fine motor skills by practising cutting at gluing and sticking. it is all very messy and lots of fun. We really enjoyed painting butterflies - putting dots on one side of the paper, then folding it over and getting a mirror image!

Our favourite activity is the 'Slime tub'. Blue slushy slime we squeeze between our fingers - it makes us all laugh!