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News & Updates

This week we have had the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. Our Role Play area was the bears cottage with real porridge oats toplay with. Our language development focussed on different sizes - BIG, medium & small bears, bowls, spoons and chairs!
In group time we discovered positional language, dancing to sticky kids with our arms in front, behind, up high and down low.
Outside we have been caring for our lovely new flowers that have grown recently. We have also been looking at the weather and turn taking on our bikes.

In the art area we have made some beautiful firework pictures and talked of the fireworks our parents took us to see. We have made an amazing 3 bears house and collage. We have loved acting out the 3 bears story with our friends, using the teddy bears and animal masks. What an exciting week we have had!

This week we have been concentrating on mark making. We've been using cotton buds in paint to make dots and lines, we added flour to the glitter in the tray and used paint brushes to draw lines and circles.
We have some new ICT equipment that we have all been investigating, sharing with our friends and inviting others to play.
we have loved dancing this week and have learnt a new song 'let's go driving in our car'. We have been 'driving' our cars all around the nursery!
We have used popoids to make different shapes and designs and we sorted them into colours.