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News & Updates

This week we have been planting strawberry, pepper and tomato seeds. We have learnt that seeds need soil, sunshine and water to grow. A bit like us but we need food instead of soil! We have also been planting lots of spring flowers. At story time we have been listening to stories about seeds growing.

We have had fun pretending to swim around the nursery. This has taught us what we need to do with our arms and how we would glide around if we were in the water. We sang a song whilst we ‘swam’ but probably wouldn’t do this if we really were swimming as we might swallow too much water! We have also been practicing our throwing, catching and balancing.

We have been cooking again. This week we baked wholegrain bread. Nursery has smelt like a bakers shop! We made enough bread to try it and take it home to share with our families.

In maths and problem solving we have been looking at shape arrangements, making these with lego.

In the art corner we have been making lovely cards for Mother’s Day.

This week in Elmers we have been celebrating swimming, have you seen our display on our noticeboard? We have been learning that swimming is fun and super good for us. Amy teaches swimming and has told us that swimming is a great way to keep fit and strong and build our muscles. She has told us what she teaches the children when they come for a swim. We have talked about going swimming with our families and friends.

We have learnt a jolly song about swimming. It has lots of actions – we can show you at home and sing the song to you! We have learnt the front crawl, back stroke and butterfly – all without getting wet! We have also made swimming pictures to bring home.

In art we have been making some special cards for a special day but can’t say anymore right now!

We continue to think about healthy eating and have been told we are doing really well with our lunches. Next we are going to think about how we can make our snacks more healthy!