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News & Updates


Last week the children looked at their new school uniforms, they drew uniforms onto mini people and dressed up as school children in the role play area.
They met their new teachers at moving on day and chatted about how they felt.
We picked the peas that we had grown in our garden from seed. We popped the peas out of their pods and counted how many peas were in each, we compared which had the most and least. We then cooked the peas and ate them, they were delicious. We grew great peas!
As the weather was so hot we had a lot of water fun. The children loved transferring the water to different locations in the nursery garden with their friends. The children watered the plants with their new watering cans and made trails on the floor with water like snails.

This week we dug up the potatoes, washed them and cooked them. We ate the potatoes and took some home. Our courgettes were finally ready so we also took some of t hose home (we drew names out of a hat).
We are having a sunflower competition. We sent out sunflower seeds back in April and now we are seeing whose has grown the most 😊
We purchased some beads as the children were keen to make Friendship bracelets. This was really good for developing strength in our fingers and our hand to eye co-ordination. We worked hard and we were so good at making them that our mums and dads asked if we could make them one too! We also made keyrings with letter beads.
We made 3d constructions with our new magnetic shapes.
We had a leavers Party with a big bouncy castle and we had an ice pop each.


Last week we were taught how to make Lisa’s low fat, fresh fruit ‘Elmer’s Mess ‘. We really enjoyed cutting up the strawberries and putting natural yoghurt into the pots. When we took them home to eat. They were very yummy.
On ‘Moving on Day’, those children going up to Caterpillars in September went up and met with all the lovely ladies who look after the children at that end of the nursery. We have been talking in group time about moving up and what the children will do when they become Caterpillars.
On the very hottest day of the week we did wet feet painting – we took off our sock s and shoes and then paddled in the pool and then placed our wet feet onto large sheets of paper. We saw that we all had different size and shape feet! The sun was so warm that our footprints ‘disappeared’ very quickly!!
We were very lucky to be given some new dress up clothes and so in our new finery we learnt the song ‘There was a princess long ago’ and all the actions.

This week, on Monday, we made salt dough shapes – circles, snakes and squares- that we painted and took home with us. We also made ladybirds to put up on the wall as we were talking about all the insects that we see during the summer when the sun is out. We are also going to make bees as we have seen lots of those recently.
With our glossy black playdough we have been cutting out shapes and counting how many we have made, practising our counting from 1-5.
It is nearly the end of term and so it is party time – the children in Caterpillars are heading off to school in September and they invited us to their Leavers Party. We had a jolly time on the bouncy castle and were given an ice lolly!! We had party games as well – musical statues and musical chairs - with lots of dancing.
We have also been practising great tidying up skills and ‘good listening’ so that in the summer holidays we can help our families at home and on holiday!