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We have turned our play area into a Christmas Shop! We selected toys we would like to buy, we wrote out our numbers 1-5 to price the toys for sale. We then added shopping baskets, tills and money. We looked at how many coins each item cost. We then counted them out to the shopt keeper. We were very good at turn taking!

We practiced or cutting skills, cutting out things we would like from Father Christmas and toys that we think our friends and family would like.
We have made a fantastic collage snowman and designed our own snowmen. We have also made decorations for our winter display.
We have also been learning our new Christmas Sticky Kids dancing action songs and rhymes.

It is very cold when we go outside to play. We are all practicing putting on our coats without any help and we are doing very well, finding our sleeves and learning how to do our zips up.

Elmers have been enjoying getting ready for winter. As it has become cold and frosty, we are wrapping up warmly with thick coats, hats, scarfs and gloves. It is funy learanig how to put our mittens on and getting our fingers in all of the correct holes!
To help keep warm we have been doing warm-up exercise when we go outside. We put on our Sticky Kids CD and our favourite songs are ‘Let’s Go Walking’, ‘Let’s go driving in a car’ and ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’. It is great fun doing these outside as we can see our breath in the cold air.

The end of Autumn and the beginning of winter has meant that we have begun preparations for Christmas. We shall be making Christmas cards, calendars and decorating pine cones. It has been a lot of fun painting our hands, sticking and making – lots of fun and quite, quite messy!!
This is also the time of year that we learn Christmas songs. We have joined up with the Caterpillars to learn ‘Jingle Bells’ with actions. We love dancing to these songs and next week we are very excited to be learning ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’.

Our activity theme for the coming week is Drs and Hospitals. We will be looking after our poorly teddy bear patients and applying plasters to dolls cuts and grazes.

Our favourite story this week has been ‘Dear Zoo’. The children gleefully call out the names of the animals in the pictures but can never remember ‘camel’! Our favourite new game this week was learning to move around the room (and floor!) in different ways. We crawled, hopped, wriggled, slithered and rolled.

Finally, we are going to talk over the next few weeks about traditions that our friends and families have at this time of year. Please share any stories with us that you have.