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News & Updates

Caterpillars worked with pairs of numbers, looking to see which number was the bigger of a given pair, such as 4 or 9, 3
or 4 and we revised numbers 1-10.

At Group time, children looked at some simple patterns and tried to make their own.

We spoke about health food and made cheese and vegetable wraps and pitta breads. Some of the children have tried healthy snacks at home instead of sugary ones :-). We spoke about vegetables and fruit and why it is important, for our health, to eat them every day.

In PE time we have been dancing and using the balancing bikes.

In the home corner we have been playing vets and looking after the animals.

In our art we have been focusing on spring and the flowers that start to grow at this time of year.

Elmers have been celebrating healthy eating all this week. We have been learning about super fruit and vegetables. We have been talking about what we have in our lunchboxes and what yummy fruit we all like eating. We made cheese and salad wraps. We cut cucumber, tomatoes and peppers and put them with grated cheese into a wrap. Then we ate them all up, like Goldilocks and the three bear's porridge!

Tuesday was pancake day. We all helped to make some batter mixture using eggs, milk and flour. We had great fun cracking the eggs! Thenwe watched Lisa flip the pancakes and we all had one. They were delicious!

We have learnt a new game to help our balance skills and agility. We take turns to have bean bags placed on our outstretched arms and then try and balance on one leg! It is very funny and we wobble a lot :-)