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We looked back over this term to what we had been thinking about and learning. We have focussed on how to help keep our bodies healthy and on Spring and Easter and we now all know how to do this and what this means. We have learnt such a lot! We have had fun cooking savoury and sweet snacks that are low in sugar and that help to give us long lasting energy and develop our brains and muscles.

Cecilia made a display for us to look at and touch, it showed us how much sugar are in the different drink bottles and cartons that are supposed to be good for children. We can now see how much sugar some of them contain but we also can see how WATER is the very best drink for us and our teeth as it has no sugar at all! This week we made fruity Easter flapjacks, they were delicious and had no added sugar! We had them with milk and water to drink and we were very pleased with how healthy we were being 😊

All of our cooking activities have made us more adventurous with the foods that we try at snack time and with the contents of our lunchboxes. We are bringing in a wider variety of fruit and vegetables in our packed lunches through having more savoury fillings in our sandwiches and wraps.
Our seeds are growing well and we can see shoots and leaves on our strawberry plants and our sweetpeas.
In our small group work we practiced the letter B and practiced our counting with real oranges that we had in our role play shop. We have also been vegetable painting and seeing what the inside of different vegetables when we cut them open and when we print with them onto paper.
The Elmers joined us to learn about the Easter story and we all went on an imaginary train ride to help us practice our balance and co-ordination.

We are looked forward to the Easter holidays and joined our friends in Caterpillars to learn about the Easter story. We enjoyed playing with the Easter Garden box – in it were rabbits, chicks, lambs and eggs of all different shapes and sizes.
Our cooking lesson was to make Easter Baskets using shredded wheat, these are to take home with us with the cards that we have made.
We thought about spring and how we can tell it is spring and we made pictures of sheep and chicks. In our group-time we used pictures we drew and painted to help us with our counting. In the Easter holidays we were asked to going to collect all the signs of spring that we can find so we can use these to make a display when we return in mid April.
On the last day of term, we took an imaginary train ride to show us how to keep agile, co-ordinated and improve our balance, toot – toot!! This photo shows the invitation to our parents to come and join us in the train!