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News & Updates

The recent cold weather and snow brought the Caterpillar children a great deal of fun last week. We even brought the snow inside and made snowmen! We found an ice moon in the playground and discovered that the ice melted when our warm fingers touched it. We also found out that the ice makes our fingers very cold when we play with it!

We were very busy making our Mother’s Day cards and Easter cards – the Mother’s Day cards were sent home, we hope you admired them! Easter cards will be given out nearer the end of term.

The story we are focusing on at the moment is the Three Little Pigs. We have made our own pigs by drawing circles and adding triangle ears. We have used puppets to enable the children to reinact the story for themselves. There has been much fun ‘huffing’ and ‘puffing’ and blowing houses down! In our tuff box we have the three types of houses the pigs built – straw, wood and brick.

We have also been learning that the letter ‘p’ is for the word ‘pigs’ and learning about the number 3. We have been learning how to take three from larger groups and talking about the concept of ‘more and less’. We have been learning how to match the correct numerals and numbers.

Over the last two weeks we have been making our activities weather related – talking to the children about the change of season from winter to spring. We had a great time last week watching the snow, even if we didn’t get enough to make a snowman!
As we are now in March we have been thinking aout spring. We have made a spring themed ‘tuff box’ and filled it with chicks, lambs, feathers and eggs. The eggs were painted by the children using special pearlised paint and they enjoyed getting very messy covering them in a marbled effect!

To go with the tuff box we have been talking in Group Time about baby animals who are born at this time of year and what we can see in the fields and woods if we go out walking. We read a story that told us the names of baby animals and their corresponding grown up, so now we know that foals grow into horses as well as that lambs become sheep.

We have been very busy in our arts and craft area and we hope all the mummies liked their Mother’s Day cards that were sent home. Now we are beginning to make our Easter cards. The children may come home with paints spots as although we have been putting on our aprons we have been using a paint splattering technique to decorate our cards and some paint has splattered quite far! It is a little messy but a huge amount of fun.

Our favourite counting song is currently ‘Five sizzling sausages’ - we sing this in Group Time and it is very noisy as the children love to go ‘pop’ and ‘bang’, whilst all taking turns to be sausages sizzling in the pan. We also make playdough sausages and sing it when playing with the playdough. The children count out the five, then four, then three, then two then one sausages.

Another activity we are enjoying is a game to help develop further our speech and language. We go ‘fishing’ to find the correct picture card associated with the action – for example we will ask the children to ‘fish’ the picture showing somebody running or washing or eating. We carry out this activity in small groups and it is also very good at helping our children practise turn taking and patience.

Finally, our new arrival in the role play area has been a huge hit – we have a new kitchen including a fridge freezer and microwave. It is clear from the play that we have observed the children’s role play has been enriched by the kitchen and it has been a pleasure to watch them use the resources so imaginatively and collectively.