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News & Updates

The home play corner has been set up as the vets, children have been taking sick animals for treatment! Our toy pets are now feeling much better again.

We have revised counting up to 10 and recognising numbers and quantities in our small group work.

We have been continuing to talk about healthy lifestyles, building on what we have been learning over the past couple of months. We have baked some delicious tomato, garlic and herb bread. Children have been making the links between their cooking creations and what is in their own lunch boxes. Our healthy cooking activities are also being reflected in our 'playdoh' creations and children are making and kneading fresh bread and chopping vegetables and making soup. What a fantastic result!

We have a new nursery friend - our Cooking Bear. Chef Bear will be visiting each child's house to encourage children and their families to have lots of fun whilst cooking healthy, home made snacks and meals. Bear has already helped to make some spinach soup and a delicious omelette. Great work Carola and Rory!

We have also been painting flowers and the sun, talking about how the weather is changing since last month, learning about the coming of springtime.

We have continued practicing our new dances, and through this, our directions. We are now very good at dancing in a circle! We have also been exploring stretches and new movements through funny gymnastics. We have also been having lots of exercise on our bikes and scooters AND learning to ride our new balance bikes.

My goodness, we have been so busy! This makes us happy as we know that when we are busy and getting lots of exercise that this is good for our bodies and our health :-)

We have had a super, exciting week in Elmers as we have been building on our previous learning about healthy eating. This week we have been learning to make our own bread! We mixed and kneaded and saw the dough rise and get bigger and bigger! Then we ate our bread at snack time and it was YUMMY! Mummies and Daddies and carers, please do come and see our cooking pictures on the Elmer notice board.

Soon we will be learning about Superfood Heros and be making Super Hero food for snacks and lunchboxes. We will make sure to tell you about what we are learning so that you can join in the fun and help us make our lunch boxes Super Hero healthy!

We have painted a wonderful picture of Goldilocks for a display and learning about Goldilocks and her 3 bear friends. Next week we will make porridge and hear more about Goldilocks, the 3 bears, their bowls of porridge, their chairs and their beds.

Outside we have enjoyed taking pretend train rides, looking out of our windows, leaning around corners and choo-chooing around the patio.