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News & Updates

We have continued to talk about food that is good for us. We have made drawings of our favourite foods to eat and we made labels for our vegetables in the garden.

For mathematics we used the balancing scales to try and make items heavier, lighter and equal. In group time we added and subtracted, counted and practised writing our numbers. We have been very active this week learning new 'Sticky Kids' dances and practising the ones we already know. We also joined in the School Sports Day by waving some flags that we made and cheering the children on in their races. We are very excited to think that for next year some of us will be running and jumping and balancing bean bags on our heads in the races too!

We have had a lovely week playing with our friends and waving and cheering the school children in their Sports Day races.

At group time we have had lots of fun playing counting games, singing counting songs and recognising the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. In our art activities we have used twigs as paint brushes, making patterns with paint in a box, what fun!

We have enjoyed lots of water play outside, laughing as we have splashed, poured and swirled using cups, jugs, bottles and teapots.

We have made a fruit salad using all of our favourite fruits, we have also painted pictures of the fruits that we used.