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News & Updates

Over the next few weeks we are looking at spiders, snails, ladybirds and snakes. We will be talking about the letter S. We will be making gardens for our real snails to live in and introducing words like slithering, sliding and slimy!
We are also having a visit from Kerri and Paul who are going to bring in some real snakes for us to look at and hold. Also, a ghecko lizard and maybe a pet tarantula spider!!

Outside we are still looking after our plants and we also have four horse-chestnut seeds which have started to grow. We planted sunflower seeds so hopefully they will be ready to take home in a few weeks.
In mathematics, we are looking at quantities. Concentrating on comparison words like more, fewer and the same.

This term we are very pleased to welcome some new friends to nursery. Since we came back from our Easter holidays, we have been collage making on cut out bodies – making pictures of ourselves using felt and glue.

We have also enjoyed playing the new equipment outside. We have been learning to climb and take turns, we have been crawling through the tunnels underneath the slide and standing on the deck waving to our friends 😊
The new playhouse is great fun – we’ve been counting how many of our friends we can fit in it in one go! A favourite game has been to act out the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’.

We are learning some new songs and games from different cultures as well as learning about St George and the dragon for St Georges Day.