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News & Updates

Our 3 bears have been poorly so we have busy making them better in our role play area playing with our Doctor’s sets.
We have had a visit from a real Doctor who has shown us how we can help our bears to feel well again. Dr Harvey brought in her real stethoscope and medical equipment and told us what everything was for and how to use it. We will know exactly what is happening next time we visit our doctor and she listens to our chest or back! We enjoyed learning from Dr Harvey.

We have been talking about positional language and testing our balancing skills. We went into reception playground and walked along on their special balancing logs.

We are talking about winter and as it is nearly Advent, we are starting to make some Christmas decorations. We also played lots of number games and looked at shapes in our environment. Perhaps you can help us to look up at the different shapes around our home!

In Elmers this week we have been thinking about the weather turning colder and what exciting things start to happen in this season. We have started making a snowman to go on our wall. We are making Christmas decorations to take home soon as it is nearly December, we have some fir cones and we are making them all glittery.

This week we have made the most of the good weather and went on a nature walk. We took baskets and collected leaves and twigs and looked at all the trees that now have their leaves missing.

Another exciting activity this week was going outside on the field and pretending to go on a ‘train ride’. We ‘mooed’ at the cows in the field , waved at the people at the station platform and went up a big hill ever so slowly and down again very fast.

In group time we learnt two new train songs and are learning the names of shapes, circle, triangle and square.