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News & Updates

We have been making the most the spring sunshine this week. We have continued our gardening activities and have planted some carrots, more tomatoes, flowers and strawberries. We have been discussing the spring weather and how this will help our seeds to grow into plants.

We have been cooking cheese scones this week and they smelt and tasted delicious!

In maths and problem solving, we have been introducing patterns of shapes, colours and size. We have been revising simple shapes and looking at 3D shapes in the outside environment. We have been using our balancing bikes again and we are getting very good at our balance control!
In the art corner we have been cutting and sticking and creating Easter arts and crafts.

We have been music making with different types of musical instruments and listening for the different sounds they make depending on whether they are made from wood, plastic or metal.

Elmers have really enjoyed the lovely weather this week and have spent lots of time playing outside. We danced outside and we pretended to be sporting superstars and we ran, swam, rowed, cycled and waved to the crowds!

We have been busy cooking again this week and made savoury scones with cheese. We mixed flour, milk and water and some cheese together and got very sticky dough on our hands. It was lots of fun. Then we cooked the scones and ate them all up at snack time. They were delicious!

We continue to make special cards which will come home next week. Then we will start to look towards Easter. This week we have been practicing our numbers by counting Easter Eggs - 1 to 5.

Everybody is doing really well with their healthy snacks and lunches. We all enjoying eating lots of fruit now.