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News & Updates

We have been looking at the letter P and what better way to do this than by pretending we are PIRATES!

We have been learning all about Pirates and having lots of pirate activities such as map making and how to give directions. We have been making hats, swords, telescope, shiny coins and arrows and walking the plank!

We went on a treasure hunt, following a golden number trail and our maps and found our shiny coin treasure.

We have also been practicing our numbers and quantities and making different colour water and potions!

On Tuesday it was a very stormy day so we captured the weather by painting our own grey clouds and the torrential rain using cotton wool, silver sparkles and paint.

Since returning from half term we have enjoyed doing lots of counting – in group time we have been practising our numbers from 1-5 by looking at the number and then jumping up and down doing the correct corresponding number of bunny hops!! We have also been singing songs to learn our numbers – we have a very summery version of ‘12345’ that we are learning to sing, along with the actions!

Using peg boards and counting rings we have been talking about the concept of ‘one more ‘ or ‘one less’ and with the Compare Bears we have been talking about ‘bigger’ and ‘smaller’.

Our art activities have involved painting the sun which we have seen so much of recently – we have also learnt that if you mix yellow with red you get the colour orange.

We have also been making special cards for Sunday 17th June – literally made by our very own hands!

Our most exciting play has been pretending to be explorers chipping away at ice blocks to find what objects have been frozen in them. We have chipped away to find dinosaurs, sea shells and small animals. Who knows what we will find in the ice blocks next week! When the ice has melted we have enjoyed playing with the cool water on the hot sunny days. We have ‘water painted’ the fence and walls – no mess, excellent!

Due to the good weather we have been able to go out in small groups onto the field and run about and use the balance bikes on the grass.

We have also enjoyed learning a summery version of ‘wind the bobbin up’ – as ever a dance or two a day always gets a cheer.