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News & Updates

This week we have been in our outside classrooms as much as we can, enjoying the sunshine and being careful to protect ourselves in the sun with hats and with our parents putting some sun cream on us before we come to nursery. Our plants are growing HUGE and our flowers are lots of rainbow colours.

In Caterpillars we continue to talk about moving up to big school, this is to help us be ready for this big change. Our nursery teachers are busy taking lots of photos of us and writing about us in our special books that we are going to give to our new school teachers. These books will tell our new teachers all about us - who our friends our, what we like to play with, what our favourite things to do are. We are also arranging with the school to use the field for some PE sessions.

In Elmers we are growing bigger and some of us are getting ready to move up to Caterpillars in September. We have been very busy and are preparing to make some lovely new artwork for our walls. We are going to make a BIG tiger!