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News & Updates

The caterpillars have shown a great interest in snakes so we managed to arrange a visit from Kerri and Paul to come along and show us some of their pets. The children were very excited to be visited by:
  • 2 baby corn snakes
  • 1 adult corn snake
  • 1 large python and
  • A bearded dragon

The children were able to touch the reptiles. They were not slimy but cold to touch. We learnt that snakes actually smell with their tongues. The children copied the snakes, popping their tongues in and out, they also asked lots of questions such as ‘what do the snakes eat?’ We also learnt that they ate rats and mice and that snakes grow out of their skins every six weeks and are only fed every 2 weeks!

Unlike the snake, the bearded dragon was very prickly to touch. We learnt that if he got angry, his beard turns black! The children asked why the bearded dragon has holes in the side of his head and were told that the holes were his ears. Another child asked if the bearded dragon made fire and could fly! The bearded dragon eats grasshoppers and crickets. We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and had a wonderful time.

Our theme this week has been PIRATES! We have read pirate stories and learnt about treasure maps.
We made our very own pirate treasure – fruit friends. We washed strawberries, blueberries, red and green grapes and a satsuma. Then we counted them out and cut them.

At snack-time we made up a story where we were all pirates, hunting for ‘fruit treasure’. We used a treasure map to help us find the treasure. When we found the treasure we all had some and it was delicious!

We have also made parrot pictures for our wall. We used feathers in lots of lovely different colours to decorate them. We learnt that pirates often have parrots on board ship, and that they are often called ‘Polly’.

The other very exciting event this week was the visit from the reptiles that we joined our Caterpillar friends for. A lady brought in some snakes and a bearded dragon, we were allowed to stroke them and the snakes were very smooth and the bearded dragon was very spiky!