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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

St Thomas a Becket Nursery
Local Offer 2019/2020

What is the Local Offer?

When the Children and Families Bill was enacted in 2014, local authorities were required to publish and keep under review information from services that expect to be available for children and young people with SEND aged 0-25. The intention of the Local Offer is to improve choice and transparency for families. From the Local Offer parents will know what they can reasonably expect from their local area and make informed choices about suitability of early years settings (and schools) for their child.

What does St Thomas a Becket Nursery offer?

St Thomas a Becket Nursery aims to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment for all children in our care. We operate from a purpose built nursery. It is our desire to offer parents a reliable and quality service that will, where possible, responds to their needs for childcare. The nursery will at all times operate within the guidelines as defined by OFSTED, through prioritising the safety and welfare of the child above all else.

Our Day Care service is for children between the ages of two and five years of age, or to the age of entering primary school.

Nursery opens at 8.30 am and closes at 3.00pm, Monday to Friday.
Our Nursery runs in the school term time only.

We will try to accommodate requests for extra childcare time but this is dependent on strict staff to child ratios being observed.

Who do the nursery provide Early Years Education for?

The nursery is a registered Early Years Education provider, offering childcare to ll local families who have children aged 2-5 years, subject to admissions policy and process.

Opening Hours

We run an Early Bird Club from 8.30-9.00am
Our Nursery day is otherwise structured as below:
9.00 -12.00pm = funded session
12.00 – 1.00pm = lunch session (chargable)
12.00 – 3.00pm = funded session

How can families start using the Nursery?

Families may contact Edwina Lucani in the St Thomas a Becket School office for initial information.
Families are then invited in for an interview - to look around, children stay for a play and parents meet with the Nursery Manager. Interviews are available in the summer for families who would like their child to start nursery in September or at any other time of the school year for a start later in the academic year.

How are decisions made about who can use the Nursery?

The setting is inclusive and welcomes all children from diverse backgrounds and of differing abilities. We recognise all children are unique individuals and, as such, we identify and respond to their individual needs and learning styles to support them and to develop their emotional and social skills. There is no specific criteria, such as religion, geographical distance etc. The only stipulation is that all families are taken through the admissions policy and process in which we ensure equality of access and opportunity.

For children who are known to need specific support in any area, this will be discussed with the parents and any external agency or health professional that may be involved. The needs of the child will be risk assessed and any necessary supportive measures put in place prior to the child starting at the setting to ensure the most effective safeguarding and well-being support for each child in our nursery.

What support is available for a pupil’s overall well-being?
Each child has a key worker who is a first point of contact on a daily basis for a pupil

How we know if children need support

  • Children’s progress is tracked to identify less than expected progress
  • Concerns for less than expected progress are addressed by the key worker and the nursery manager
  • Continued less than expected progress concerns that cannot be met with the nursery support are discussed by staff and parents to plan strategies for support in order to support barriers to learning
  • Staff reviewing and planning support targeted at identified areas of need

How does the Nursery consult with it’s families and how are they involved in decision making / planning
The nursery has strong relationships with its families. We operate an open door policy and actively encourage parents to seek Key Staff and Nursery managers to offer their views and comments, both good or where parents feel we can improve the service we offer. Parents are encouraged to tell us about the ‘Wow’ moments their children have at home which enables our nursery practitioners to have the best picture about the next steps that can be taken in the nursery and home environment. Parent feedback is also requested on a regular basis through questionnaires. Parents are supported to access Early Years and Childcare and EAL college course volunteer hours with us.

How St Thomas a Becket Nursery supports children
  • We provide one to one Individual Needs Assistants for those children most in need of support.
  • Next Steps planning for the individual child
  • Staff reviewing and planning support, targeted at identified areas of need
  • Through seeking the advice of professionals inside and outside the nursery– such as the SEND and specialist services which may be appropriate or available
  • Through monitoring the impact of this support on pupil’s progress

Is the nursery fully accessible?

St Thomas a Becket Nursery complies with the Equalities Act 2010, being DDA compliant, purposely built in 2013. The interior of the nursery is one spacious through room on one level. We have designated disabled changing and adult toilet facility plus fully accessible child toilet facilities and nursery indoor and outdoor play environment.

Our fully qualified practitioner team, cater for all children and make best use of the environment by adapting play opportunities to ensure all children are included. Makaton signs are displayed in the nursery, appropriate resources, such as sensory and heuristic play equipment is made available.

How do staff support children or parents with SEND?

  • Staff have basic Makaton awareness.
  • We have a qualified, setting Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) professional within our staff team, (other staff have also held this role in the past). This role involves assessing the child to plan and implement a Setting Based Support Plan (SBP), regularly monitoring the child’s development and progress (assess, plan, do and review).
  • We receive whole team training from our County ISEND team

Please also see the setting Supporting Children with SEND policy for further information.

Who to contact for further information
Edwina Lucani
St Thomas a Becket Catholic Infants School and Nursery
3 Tutts Barn Lane
BN22 8XT
Telephone: 01323 726004