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News & Updates

We have looked at fire works and autumn leaves. We made firework pictures and leaf people. The children were very excited when we saw a rainbow, so we made our own rainbows with craft materials. We made bonfire pictures with our hands and fireworks using straws. We went on a leaf hunt to collect different coloured and shaped leaves for our leaf people.

We made poppies for Remembrance Day and read a poem about the poppies and why we remember them. We made cheese scones and hedgehog bread. We have been looking at seasons.

As the term has moved on we have been making Christmas cards, Calendars and Christmas decorations. We made cheesy pizzas and decorated biscuits. We have been dancing and learning Christmas songs our favourite being S.A.N.T.A

To finish the term we had a Children's Christmas party, a Christmas Jumper day and Santa is visiting us too! Our fundraising efforts produced in excess of 50 selection boxes for children and families which were taken to the Eastbourne Food Bank; 35 thermal hats and £35 cash for the Absolute Angels who support the homeless of Eastbourne. The children also raised over £80 for the Chestnut Tree Children's Hospice through our tuck shop and cake sale.

A huge well done to all of the children, families and staff for their sterling fundraising enthusiasm for those who are facing a tough Christmas.
It was lovely to see the children again back from their summer break and welcome new faces. The new children have settled in really well and we are welcoming new children every week. We have a new student placement Chloe Spink who is 19 and doing her NVQ3.

This term our charity initiative is saving baby Orangutans. We will be fundraising and sponsoring baby orangutans from Borneo as their forests are being cut down for palm oil.

We have been looking at all about me and body parts. In our group times we have been looking at our faces, what are the functions of our eyes, nose ears, mouth. We have been counting how many face parts we have. Julie helped the children make pizza faces. We had a visit from Rugby rhinos which was fun.

This week we looked at our faces in various ways. We also talked about our favourite foods. Cecelia made flapjacks with the children and Gwen made strawberry shortbread with them. We had an amazing rugby lesson with Rugby Tots.

This week we are looking at Goldilocks and the 3 bears. They made porridge and had the 3 bears in the home corner. The children made porridge with Gwen and they loved choosing different toppings to put on top (jam, honey, raisins, seeds). The children made fruit kebabs with Sally.

We have also been looking at transport and we have been looking at land, sea and air different types of vehicles. We have made various types of transportation pictures and crafts. We have made tomato and then pumpkin soup and shortbread cookies.

Week 4
This week we had lots of messy fun play out. We had cornflakes in one tuff tray, gloop in another, pink sand in another and in our big tray we set up a washing clothes area with peg line. We put shredded paper in the ball pool and the children set up the railway line in another tuff tray. In our group times we read different stories of people who help us.

Julie put out the colours yellow, red, white and blue and put different emergency vehicles for the children to paint if they wanted to. The children painted some lovely fire engines and ambulances and some children just wanted to mix the colours up to see what would happen.
In the afternoon we had different shapes and coloured paper and glue and the fire engine and the children made some lovely fire engines.

The children decided to get the marble run out and made an amazing model and loved watching the marbles fall down it. Julie played football in the garden and the children scored lots of goals!

We had a fun fireman activity making fireman faces and then made hand prints. As it was a hot day the children had great fun with the water, filling and emptying the water tray and using the watering cans to water the playground.

Week 5
This week the children decided to make gardens using flowers and natural objects. We looked at different vehicles and the children painted some lovely car tracks and drew various vehicles of their choice. We also changed the Elmers end of the nursery into a giant roadway using masking tape to mark out road lines, crossings and parking spaces. The children learnt to stop, start, cross safely and turn corners!

The children wanted to decorate cakes this week so we gave them some icing sugar and sweets to see what they would do. The children enjoyed washing the baby clothes and hanging them on the nursery line and using the washing machine. We also explored ice with the children hiding lots of objects in water which they then turned to ice in the freezer.
Week 1
This week, the Caterpillars topic was under the sea. They made lots of different sea creatures, like turtles, sharks, whales, jelly fish and made a huge display with all the creations, They also started to prepare for Father’s Day by making faces with modelling clay for a present to give their father or other special family member for Father’s Day.
The Elmer’s concentrated on healthy eating and made fruit smoothies which were greatly enjoyed by all. The children made healthy eating plates made up of their favourite health foods. Parents were asked to bring in photos of the children’s family so the children could talk about the special people in their lives.

Week 2
This week the Caterpillars were busy preparing Father’s Day cakes with icing and sprinkles and making special cards.
Our theme this week is the Light house keepers’ lunch, so we all read the story with some special props.
A light house keepers lunch sandwich station was set up with the children who chose from cheese, jam or ham on white or brown bread, cookies and cucumber.
The children explored the different textures of the sand and sea as they created their own beach scene.
The children painted the lighthouse in the story which are now on display in the nursery.
Elmer’s families brought in their child’s favourite story book to share at nursery with their friends. They really enjoyed listening to each other story books. Elmer’s also made some lovely handprint fathers day cards and special Father’s Day biscuits.

Week 3
This week we were busy preparing a stall for the Mad Hatter’s tea party. We decorated lots of Alice in Wonderland characters ready to make the rabbit hole (using the dark tent) for Alice to fall into. The children enjoyed watching the film Alice in Wonderland and having our own little Mad Hatter’s tea party. The children designed their own Mad Hatters’ hats.
On Monday, the children made some amazing lighthouse models using modelling dough. A creative sea workshop was set up on Tuesday where the children used scissors to collage their interpretation of the sea. On Wednesday the children had fun making 3D model seagulls. We looked at stripes with the children and they made their own lighthouse with paper. We also made heart people using raisins for eyelashes.
The Elmer children made a grass growing zoo and planted some more seeds in their flower beds. We played with “gingerbread play-dough” and made our own gingerbread men.
We have been piloting Tapestry this week and have had an amazing response from the parents, thank you to everyone who has commented or sent in observations on their child playing at home.
We had great fun with the children discussing what we had been up to in the Easter holidays.
This term we are reading the book the hungry caterpillar and doing lots of fun activities around the book. We will be exploring the changing season and looking at the weather. Our theme this term is Sea creatures, maps, pirates and treasure maps which is a special interest of the children’s.
We are practicing our throwing and catching with differed sized balls and beanbags.
have gone scone crazy this term and been making all manner of creations each week.
It was lovely to see children back in nursery after the holidays. They had fun today playing outdoors, making bubbles in puddles, helping to make play dough and mark making at the writing table. The children watched the Spring play at the school and really enjoyed seeing their older brothers and sisters.
This term the children had lots of fun together, playing outdoors, playing with playdough and role playing with their favourite toys. For snack we made a banana milkshake in the morning and raspberry in the afternoon, they were yummy! We are also focusing on how to properly wash our hands before and after we eat, after playing outdoors and after going to the toilet.
We explored creating potions outdoors! This was huge fun for everyone. We especially enjoyed when one child made a potion that turned all the teachers into frogs…rpet rpet. The children have had so much fun outdoors. They were learning to balance on stilts and learning to turn take and share at the water.
They were also making story books about doctors. Dr Harvey visited the setting and showed everyone her stethoscope. She showed the children how to keep healthy by eating healthy food, getting regular exercise and brushing our teeth twice a day.
The Children were learning about money, numbers and writing skills playing. They enjoyed making cards and envelopes to give to their parents. The children were busy learning to match shapes and colours with jigsaws, reading stories, learning to turn take in games as well as creating pictures using stampers and developing their fine motor control using scissors.
As the weather is a bit warmer we have been making use of the school adventure playground. The children love to climb and this has the perfect climbing equipment.
The children had lots of fun playing together, sharing their Christmas holiday stories and resources and exploring different materials in lots of different areas of the nursery. The children were digging in the sand and learning to balance on scooters outdoors this term. They enjoyed making homemade lentil soup for snack and were learning about the letters in their names.
In construction a t-Rex was built and children were pouring and exploring the properties of water. The children were busy mark making with chalk creating pictures using hammered shapes, creating Chinese fans and looking for numbers outdoors.
The children had lots of fun in nursery with lots of different sensory tuffs like cooked pasta, shaving home and gloop. Outdoors they were playing in the sand, water, digging and chalking. Indoors they had fun playing games, completing jigsaws, writing and making Chinese lanterns for Chinese New Year. The Children had lots of fun learning to turn take and share resources, exploring some of the properties of water, making ‘snow dough’ , helping to choose snack and completing jigsaws.
The children were very busy, drawing pictures and writing their names, playing in our role-play castle, singing nursery rhymes, printing snowmen pictures,, playing sound games and lots, lots more!
We hope your start to 2019 has been a good one and that it will be a happy and healthy year for your all.4

Nursery have some changes already this year. We are pleased to say that our new nursery friends are settling in very well indeed and we are having a lovely time getting to know each other. We also have a new student. This means we now have 2 lovely young ladies, Meghan and Amy, working with us whilst studying for their NVQ childcare qualifications.

Antonia and Jo are no longer with us, having both moved to new roles that will help them on their chosen future career paths. Good luck to you both, we will miss you!

This means we are now looking for a new teacher at nursery. We have a vacancy for a practitioner, minimum L2, hopefully wanting to progress to L3, for a Monday to Friday morning, 8.45am - 12.30pm, Term Time Only. Please do contact us if you have a love of working with children and are enthusiastic about developing children and have plenty of energy!
We had a wonderful time making preparations for Christmas. We made a decoration for our Christmas trees at home, a Christmas card and calendar. We were very excited to be able to go ans see Father Christmas at the school Christmas fair. He reminded us to be good and kind all through this special time of year.

We learnt how to make salt dough and them we cut out the shape using Christmas cutters. We then painted them with extra special shiny paint and put glitter over them. To make the calendars we painted our hands – the paint was cold and it made us laugh when we put it on with the brush because it tickled! We had lots of fun making our gifts for home and hope you liked them very much.

We all enjoyed our end of term party before our holidays. We all played lots of party games including musical chairs and musical statutes. Then we all sat down together for scrumptious party food. The party end with a very special puppet show which made us all laugh.

As well as all of the Christmas preparations we were still learning and developing. We had numbered ducks in our water play to help us with counting up to 5 and number recognition. To help us with being able to count numbers consecutively Lisa made us puppets for the songs ‘Two little birds’ ‘5 speckled frogs’ and ‘5 sizzling sausages’. She even made us baby shark and family!!

Our outside play has been enhanced with the introduction of a mini trampoline and we continue to enjoy lots of bouncing and learning how to take turns on it – this really helps us learn how to share the nursery resources.
As we grow bigger and stronger we are looking for more adventures outside and cannot wait until the new term when we will be able to set up outside activities that help us to balance and bend – just like being at the park.

We have also been starting to learn how to put on our own coats – hood on first then onto the arms. It is great when we learn how to do this by ourselves and we want our grown ups to help us with this. It is lots of fun becoming more independent and being able to do things for ourselves.

We took a small group of children over to watch the nativity play performed by the reception children. The nursery children really enjoyed this experience.
Cecilia read the story of the gingerbread man, the children really loved listening to this story and joining in with the rhyming ‘ run, run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I'm the gingerbread man’. The children have also joined Cecilia in planting tulip bulbs ready for spring.

Latest Ofsted visit and report

The nursery received a visit from Ofsted in October and we are very happy to, again, have been given a rating of ‘Good’. The inspector suggested that to take us to Outstanding, we engage more with our parents and carers with regards how the children can be supported at home to take the next steps in their development and the nursery work in partnership with them. Your child’s key worker will talk you through this in the next few weeks as we implement our action plan.
The full report is on the Ofsted page of our website or click here.

Diddi Dancing
Both the Caterpillars and Elmer children enjoyed a taster session with Diddi Dancing and we are thrilled to confirm that from January we will have a session each week. This is not only a hugely fun activity for the children but it is part of our programme to support and promote our healthy lifestyle initiative.

We have been learning about the season of Autumn. We have talked about the weather, collected leaves for leaf printing and Halloween pumpkins. Using coffee filters, we have sucked up colours to make wonderful flying bats.

We are looking forward to Bonfire night and are making firework pictures and rockets. Our story will be ‘Whatever Next’.

The children have shown an interest in shopping. We have a vegetable shop with real carrots, potatoes, onions, oranges, pumpkins, squashes and leeks. We are learning to take turns, write shopping lists and count out coins. It is a lot of fun!
We have also peeled our vegetables and are making vegetable soup.

In the Garden we will be planting tulip bulbs in the next few weeks. The nursery now has two patio trees – an apple tree and a cherry tree. The children will help to plant them and learn how to help them grow. We also found another frog in our nursery garden. We had a close look at the frog before setting him free in the allotments. We really enjoy looking for spiders and mini beasts.

We were given some whistles and cones from Sport England. We took turns blowing the whistles to race each other around our cones. We all cheered our friends on – it was such a lot of fun.

In this next term, we will then start looking forward to Christmas and have many Christmas activities planned, as well as a Christmas party. Lisa will provide more details about this nearer the time.


We have been exploring the season of autumn through our activities and playing. We have taken the children on a nature walk around the school playing field. We hunted for cobwebs and spiders – we searched through the hedgerow and on tree branches for them and counted how many legs they had when we found them! We also looked at how many different coloured leaves we could find – we could tell from this that the leaves were now changing colour as we head into late autumn.

Another focus for this term has been sensory actives. We have looked at, and experienced different textures. The children have explored natural textures in the tuff box – sand, soil, twigs, dried leaves, pine cones. In our water play area we have had Jelly balls and jelly play – the children laugh and giggle as they squidge and squelch the jelly and fill up cups and jugs with it.

Lisa has made some amazing resources for our song sessions that support our counting and recall skills – we have two birds, sizzling sausages and 5 spotted frogs. Carers are always very welcome to come in and join our singing sessions and we can teach you how to make the resources at home.

Autumn is a season with lots of exciting events in it and we like to share these with the children so we made Halloween hats. These were decorated with glitter, pompoms and star shapes. The children have practised cutting and using scissors making pumpkin pictures. With Bonfire Night approaching we are making firework paintings, mixing paint with glitter – which not only makes sparkly pictures but also makes them fun to touch because they have texture.

A very exciting addition to our outside play is a small trampoline – this is a great work out for the children as well as teaching them how to take turns as it is very popular and only one child can go on it at a time!

Our friends in Caterpillars have shared some amazing experiences with us as well when they found frogs and caterpillars. They brought them down to our end of the nursery so that we could look at them and learn all about them – it was very exciting.

As we head into November and onto December our thoughts move towards preparing for Christmas. We have many activities planned as well as crafts we will make which the children will enjoy sharing with you at the end of term. We will also learn how to make mince pies and our special Nanny Daniel recipe is available if you want to make them at home with the children.

Last year we had a special day of events for Children In Need, including a visit from some pugs!. Whilst this year we will not be organising an event if your children would like to come in on the 16th November dressed up for Pudsey that would be great and let us know if they are involved in any fundraising events. At this time of year, as the children think about presents and parties and Christmas feasts, it is a special time to think about children who are not able to enjoy all these things.